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Leader in heavy mineral geochemistry
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C.F. Minerals Research Ltd. can also prepare samples for various types of analytical demands such as gold, platinum group elements (PGE), base metals such as: copper, Lead and Zinc and also whole rock and/or trace metal analytical determinations.

The lab’s sample prep facilities can pulverize geological samples to 85% less than or equal to 200 mesh particle size which is the preferred grain size for the various geochemical analytical methods. Our pulverization facility utilizes multiple head pulverizers which have the capacity to pulverize four one kilogram samples at the same time.

Please note that any equipment used during sample preparation such as sieves, jaw crushers and shatter boxes / pulverizers are cleaned to ensure no contamination occurs between samples. It is a time consuming task but there is no sample carryover. Should you require additional information on our cleaning regimen, please do not hesitate to contact us.