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Leader in heavy mineral geochemistry
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 17025:2005

          C.F. Mineral Research Ltd. is a Canadian based laboratory providing high quality and low cost exploration, mineral extraction and analytical services to mining and associated industries.

          Integration of exploration sample collection with Laboratory mineral extraction and analyses of presented samples results in cost effective services of a bespoke nature, fitting client’s specific and individual requirements.  The variety of proprietary and standard techniques used by the Laboratory allow selective use to be applied individually to a client’s requirements.  The many possible pathways can be easily explored by contacting the Laboratory here.

          Heavy Mineral Concentration, executed in a precise and minimal inter-contamination process is the core of many possible mineral extraction pathways, resulting in generating sensitive and selective exploration signals from distinct samples, no matter the object of that exploration (gold, silver, Platinum Group Elements, base metals (Cu, Pb, Zn, etc.), diamonds, diamond indicators, etc.).  Over the years C.F. Mineral Research Ltd. has developed and refined this process, through research and practice, and extended its applications with resulting improvement to exploration detection limits together with cost reductions.  As in all Laboratory processes, the near elimination of cross-contamination that comes with experience is evident.  The Heavy Mineral Concentration process also allows examination of the complementary (‘lighter’) fractions which can be examined for any other exploration purpose (oil, non-dense minerals, etc.).

          C.F. Mineral Research Ltd. provides many analytical services to extract from the relevant minerals, elemental or structural information required from samples subject to Heavy Mineral Concentration or other preparative procedures.  Analytical techniques and instruments available for such services include optical microscopy, electron microscopy, energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS), electron probe (WDS) analysis, laser ablation ICP mass spectroscopy, INAA, etc.  See C.F. Mineral Research Ltd. services here.

          Apart from any bespoke pathways considered by clients, C.F. Mineral Research Ltd. has developed to a fine degree more specific integrated processes.  The extraction of any diamonds of varying sizes together with the associated fully classified indicators is such an example.  Another is the ability to survey together a given territory for the possibility of several mineral propensities such as diamonds, gold, PGM and base metals in one efficient HMC process.

          To enquire into, or pursue, any of these unique and standard approaches to mineral exploration, please feel free to contact C. F. Mineral Research Ltd. here.